How To Prepare

+Access Presentation Toolkit Here

This is your chance to change the world for future generations of HBCUs, their students, faculty, staff, and the communities they serve. And the better prepared you are for this opportunity, the better your ideas will be. Preparation comes in two forms: knowing background details on the challenge and your role on a team.

Challenge Background Details

You'll form teams based on the type of American Priority you'd like to enhance. Your team will then select which HBCU Strength(s) to leverage. Please read the provided information on America's Priorities and HBCU Strengths, and perform your own research. 


Team Roles

Each team will have six (6) HBCU scholars. Because of the short time frame, team collaboration and communication is critical. There are four main roles on an effective innovation lab team:

+Co-Leaders: These are the visionaries. The people who can build something from nothing, and see around corners. They are responsible for making sure all milestones are met. Typically, they are the best speakers/presenters.

+Designers: These are the creatives. They'll spend time making the pitch deck, and other supporting materials beautiful.

+Researchers: The number lovers. They get into the weeds with statistics, and look for the key trends and data insights to make for a compelling business case.  They also lead efforts on interviewing potential target users.

You Should Come Into Day 1 Knowing 

+The top 3 HBCU strengths you'd like focus on

+The top 3 American priorities you'd like to focus on

+The top 2 roles you'd like to play on your team